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Winter is upon us, hard to believe though considering its been fairly mild so far! Thank you to all who check this space and to my regular readers and subscribers, you help me to keep the passion alive! If you haven’t subscribed to my newsletter, please do by clicking on the pop-up that you see on your screen. I send out a newsletter every few months with a quick round-up of my favourite posts. Any questions or ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact me on my email address listed under ‘About Me’. For those who have been following this space, or checking in at different times, you would have noticed a few improvements over the past two and a bit years. All good canada goose modle ontario on sale take time! Stay tuned for more interviews and photographic delights of Melbourne’s Arts scene and the surrounds soon.

A reminder also that ‘The Light in Winter’ festival kicks off in Melbourne from the 1st to the 22nd of June. I wrote about last year’s event here. Over the years, Fed Square has truly become a spectacular gathering space for this and many other events. See the program here and have a great week!

This year marks the celebration of 20 years of Top Arts at the NGV. ‘Start Up’ contains the work of 49 students, whittled down from about 3,000 applicants from VCE Studio Arts and Art students around Victoria. More sophisticated entries seem to be appearing every year, as technology becomes more accessible and students strive to create extraordinary contemporary pieces. Traditional mediums such as drawing and collage still appear alongside a range of these contemporary works. Computer aided design software and laser cut shapes were employed to inform one series of sculptures. In another, vertical blinds are used as a surface for an image that draws a reaction from many. An increasingly common theme is the idea of gender, which is explored in works this year. Some young artists paid homage to their grandparents, producing outstanding works that provide a visual narrative of their lives.

The exhibition is now treated very much on par with the rest of the exhibits and increasingly patrons of all ages (as well as busloads of students) enjoy the exhibition. Prominent Melbourne artist Ash Keating and Orb Weavers lead singer Marita Dyson are past winners and have gone on to forge successful careers. There is no doubt that such an opportunity for a student to have their work in the three month long exhibition would help propel them to greater heights. What a fantastic canada goose modle ontario on sale for Melbourne and great for highlighting the value and importance of Art Education in our schools and wider community!

Yes it’s true.I tend to have a ‘boom and bust’ type approach, where I spend a lot of time reading and researching a general topic or set of ideas (say gardening, or plant collecting, or new materialism), and then I’ll make the work itself in a short burst of activity without thinking too much about all that research – I just trust that it’s sunk in and is influencing how I’m approaching the artwork. I’ll make sound recordings, do sketches, take video footage and photos and write like crazy, then see where this leads me. Text is pretty central to my working methods – a lot of the time a whole work will develop out of a couple of sentences or some words or ideas that I’ve jotted down. I find I work well when I have a specific space to respond to (like my recent residencies in the Docklands and at Testing Grounds in the city), where I can really get in there and play with the ambiguities and the interesting canada goose modle ontario on sale that arise when you look closely at the overlaps between human and non-human spheres of life.

Yes! Slapstick and humour are pretty central to my work – it’s tied in with me being drawn to the absurd, and making work that’s a little side step away from everyday life, which in the end is what humour itself is I’d say. I guess I think of what I’m doing as a kind of ‘serious play’, taking ideas or spaces or things and finding the point where they twist into something less ordinary, where you look at them anew. Humour is one of the most efficient (and, for me, enjoyable) ways of achieving this effect.

I’ve got a few works, which are marketed at birds and other creatures. I’m drawn to the visual language of advertising in my work as I think it provides a good bridge for looking at how the spheres of commerce, nature and culture overlap – how animals and plants adapt to and function within environments built for humans, how economic concerns can change the form and fabric of ‘natural’ things such as flowers, fruits and vegetables, and so on.

The binoculars function as a nice succinct symbol for the ways we approach the natural world – that sense of intimacy and removal at the same time, and distortion, and also the sense of ownership and collecting but also wonder and having a new world opened up to you, and yes, gaining some kind of perspective from the point of view of the observed. I’m very interested in the idea of living creatures as individual, functioning beings as well as playing a role in their wider community or ecosystem.

I grew up in a suburban area with a creek and huge park directly behind my house, and would spend hours climbing trees, collecting acorns, pretending to fish, making cubby-houses, and bird-watching with my family. I think that did have a big influence on me, in that it made me inherently pretty aware of and responsive to nature or the living-non-human in everyday, urban environments – as something around us all the time, rather than ‘out there’ or something you go to visit. I think once you have a view that this kind of stuff is important or meaningful, it can’t help but start to inform your views about sustainability, how humans and non-humans fit together, and also the ambiguities of categories such as ‘nature’ and ‘the wild’.

I’m drawn to artists whose work is funny, or poetic, or which engages with and utilises ‘real life’ in some way.

Francis Alys and Stanley Brouwn’s works are fantastic in their mixture of playfulness and formality, and their engagement with the mechanisms and workings of city life. Rivane Neuenschwander’s pieces using ants and parrots are both funny and beautiful, and bring up ideas of how we use or collaborate with non-human subjects in art. George Gessert’s works and writing on plants have been really influential for me – particularly his idea of plant breeding as a kind of ‘genetic folk art’, which stretches back millennia, and the role of commerce and fashion in changing the form of flowers and plants.

Jane Bennett’s writing about ‘thing-power’, the ephemeral artists featured in, Documenta 12’s ‘The Worldly House’, Fischli and Weiss, Luke Gottelier’s garden photos – the list goes on.

What are your plans for future exhibitions?


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The Great Barrier Reef, Pristine Islands & Queensland Coast 2015
We depart on the Tilt Train from Brisbane’s Roma Street Station, bound for Maryborough. The innovative Tilt Train travels at high speed, offering guests a smooth and comfortable ride thanks to the tilt technology, so sit back, relax and enjoy the passing scenery and lunch served to canada goose men’s chilliwack parka melton online store at your seat today. On arrival at Maryborough, we are transferred to River Heads for our ferry to World-Heritage listed Fraser Island. Arrive and check in at Kingfisher Bay Resort for 3 nights.

Following breakfast we board our private 4WD coach for an off-road adventure. Explore unspoilt beauty, lush rainforests, stunning freshwater lakes and the exhilaration of driving on sand, not monotonous bitumen. The world’s largest sand island is a haven for adventure; we tackle the inland bumps and humps through towering satinay trees, abundant forest and picturesque sand dunes. Take a dip in the emerald waters of Lake Wabby where Hammerstone Sandblow forms a wall of sand at its base. Also take in Lake Mackenzie that shines sapphire blue, with snow-white sand, admire The Maheno Shipwreck and coloured sands of The Pinnacles, Indian Head and Champagne Pools.

This morning we take an early morning ranger guided bird walk, have breakfast then take an adventure cruise on the Great Sandy Straits. Enjoy some leisure time to swim in the resort’s lagoon style pool, before meeting later in the afternoon for the bush tucker talk & taste tour.

Take part in a ranger guided eco walk and learn how the resort minimises the effects on the environment, by its energy conservation and waste reduction efforts. We farewell Fraser Island and when back on the mainland take some time in Hervey Bay for retail therapy. We then board the Tilt Train for a scenic rail journey arriving into Rockhampton where we board our luxury ‘Gold Class’ coach for transfers to Mercure Capricorn Resort for 3 nights.

Explore the Capricorn Caves taking a guided tour of the Cathedral Cave which takes canada goose men’s chilliwack parka melton online store through smaller caves decorated with ancient stalactites and flowstones, past rare ferns into large chambers revealing images on the rock scapes. The natural acoustics of the Cathedral Cave will have canada goose men’s chilliwack parka melton online store listening in awe to the music, the lights are dimmed and cave darkness takes on a new meaning. Our afternoon is spent discovering the historic city sights of the ‘Beef Capital’ Rockhampton, finishing the day with a visit to the famous Botanic Gardens & Zoo.

This morning view the resorts 22,000 acres of wilderness with one of our experienced wildlife guides. See sweeping views from the hilltop look-out and glimpse some of the 150 species of birds that call the Resort home. We then make our way to Footlights Theatr


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The Big One – Nothing New in 2013
My biggest goal: I’m not going to buy any new clothes in 2013. For the whole 12 months. This is kind of crazy, given what a newbie I am to both sewing and op shopping, so we’ll see how discount canada goose womens ski jacket goes.

I sort of figure that I have all the clothes I NEED – discount canada goose womens ski jacket just comes down to what I want. First world problems – I’ll get over discount canada goose womens ski jacket if this idea bombs and I can’t buy anything. What I already own is just fine. Plus, I think I’ll learn a lot.

The rules:

• Socks, undies, bras, swimmers and running gear don’t count. Neither do shoes. (I know I could make/op shop my own running gear. I am fully aware of this. But I want to run a marathon in July. And let’s face it, that’s going to be hard enough without adding challenges like not being able to buy exactly what I want. I’m mainly thinking of chaffing and breathability here.)

• I must sew/refashion a minimum of one garment per month.

• I must take photos of everything. Particularly before and after pictures of refashions.

Well, here goes nothing.


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Top Ten Newsmakers 2003: Richard McAlary
NetOptions’ Richard McAlary is somewhat of an over-achiever. When he is not acquiring his way to supremacy in the IT world, he is winning a UN International Peace Prize and writing white papers on the poor conditions of the Pacific Highway.

It has been an eventful 2003 for NetOptions; a year in which successful mergers and acquisitions significantly bolstered the capability of the business he started on his lonesome just six years earlier. It included the aftermath of some events he would rather forget – but also some lessons that might shape the future of the Australian IT channel.

The growth of NetOptions has nearly always been about acquisition. McAlary essentially established the company to finance his newly-acquired taste for the Queensland sun – of which his native Canada was unable to provide enough.

A strategist more than a salesman, McAlary worked as an economist in Canada, but somehow also found the time to raise $5 million for the United Nations and be awarded an International Peace Prize by the UN Secretary-General.

His first foray into the IT world came from trying to convince foreign technology companies to relocate or open new facilities in a technology park on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

Fast-forward to 1998, McAlary and a handful of colleagues began providing facilities management (taking over the IT department) for a small company, naming themselves NetOptions. The same year he purchased a small Brisbane-based reseller named Business Affairs, a Compaq/IBM reseller with eight staff and turnover of $2-3 million, which primarily sold servers to universities.

The merger of the two businesses, and subsequent growth spurred by Y2K, saw NetOptions grow to a $14 million turnover company. Again McAlary dabbled in acquisitions in early 2001 bringing on board a group of HP engineers from a business called Netwise Australia.

In late 2001, he began discussions with office fit-out giant, The Schivallo Group. The equity deal between the two companies would shape McAlary’s ambitions significantly – giving him national if not regional aspirations for the reseller business.

In 2002, NetOptions purchased the assets of Laptop Land (Queensland), giving the company more scope around wireless technology and the education market, as well as a lucrative new agency with Toshiba.

The smooth, small transactions that characterised NetOptions’ growth strategy until mid-2002 would come to a grinding halt after the company was caught up in one of the most controversial events the Australian IT channel has ever witnessed.

NetOptions began looking into acquiring part of Powerlan’s Business Infrastructure (BI) division– and after a very brief negotiation process, ended up purchasing some of the division’s staff and customers in Queensland.

Days later the deal would be thrown into controversy when Powerlan Ltd put the shell of the company into administration, promptly followed by receivership. The controversy stained NetOptions’ relationships with its suppliers and peers, and panned out in such a fashion that McAlary now claims he has not much to show for what he paid for.

“There were no assets,” he said. “It put a bad taste in our mouths about acquisitions.”

McAlary said the debacle taught him not to be as opportunistic as an acquirer.

“We will never get involved in another situation like that,” he said. “The fall-out was just too great. The deal was done in 24 hours and we had no expectation of the events that would happen. It caused us enormous problems. It was hard for people to understand that we didn’t have anything to do with Powerlan’s subsequent actions.”

With these hard lessons behind him, McAlary has once again built up the courage to acquire again. Just a few months ago, NetOptions confirmed its interest in the purchase of the canada goose parka jackets store near 11362 outlet division of IT services giant CSC Australia.

The acquisition, which McAlary expects to fulfil his vision of providing NetOptions with a real national presence as well as a larger distribution centre in Victoria, has been a far more structured process than the nightmare of the prior year.

McAlary considers his experiences with Powerlan and CSC to be “like night and day”.

“CSC is a very professional operation,” he said. “It is a stable organisation with other commercial activities to focus on. They are world leaders in outsourcing – so managing transition is their speciality.”

McAlary said that mergers, acquisitions and agency agreements were getting much larger and more sophisticated – and one lesson he had learned was how vital it was to make sure that all vendors, customers and employees were part of the process and were well-briefed.

McAlary said the IT industry was in a period of substantial change.

He saw a need for resellers to reinvent and adapt to changing market conditions.

“While ever our dollar is strong and we buy in US dollars, while ever margins continue to fall, we need to adapt and provide something of value,” McAlary said.

His vision for NetOptions is of a national company that can offer not just boxes but a service that fits out an organisation’s entire infrastructure – be it computers and connectivity or corporate furniture for that matter, all from one point of contact.

NetOptions, through its parent Schivallo, has begun discussions with service providers to jointly approach new commercial property developers with a “smart building” solution.

“The secret of our business is to always be looking at the future,” he said. “While our execution is not always perfect, strategy is something we have. I call us a consulting company now, not a reseller.”

At the same time, he sees the CSC acquisition as the means of being able to deliver bulk canada goose parka jackets store near 11362 outlet efficiently.

“The corporate overheads at CSC were not in synch with the profit margin available on IT products,” he said. “But for us, moving additional boxes is not that difficult. Arguably we will now be in the top three to four VARs on pure numbers. And we will have the efficiency – the back-end stuff; that can drop 20,000 TFT screens in one hit.”

McAlary is a big fan of doing canada goose parka jackets store near 11362 outlet differently. While he is involving his suppliers a lot more in decision-making, he has created a culture at NetOptions that focuses on the customer first and foremost.

“We do not have as much interaction between vendor partners and our staff,” he said. “We would rather pay to take a customer out to lunch than have a vendor take our sales staff out to lunch.”

McAlary has also set up a decentralised management team at NetOptions, spread around the country. While a good majority of the company’s business and distribution capabilities now centre on Victoria, he remains in Queensland where he feels at home.

“We have the technology – the VPN and the video conferencing – to make this possible,” he said. “I will stay [In Queensland] because that is why I am here in the first place.”

This flexibility has afforded McAlary the chance to also commit his intellect to other ventures – or as he terms them “distractions from moving boxes”.

He recently contributed a white paper to Australia’s Committee for Economic Development on the development of the Pacific Highway.

“I love family and holidays and all the normal stuff, but I also get a lot of satisfaction out of being a commentator,” he said. “Type ‘Richard McAlary’ into a search engine and you are likely to come out with a whole bunch of stuff.”


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This just in: New Zealand Prime Minister is not a lizard person from outer-space.
Mid-last week New Zealand Prime Minister John Key was forced, via an Official Information Act (OIA) request, to prove that he’s not a shape-shifting lizard person. Obviously, it’s something we’re all wondering, and is something we now have an answer to.

The Kiwi Prime Minister good-naturedly embraced the lulz of the situation, and stated that no, he is in fact not a reptilian lizard person from outer-space; “To the best of my knowledge, no. Having been asked that question directly, I’ve taken the unusual step of not only seeing a doctor but a vet, and both have confirmed I’m not a reptile,” Mr Key went on to add: “I’ve never been in a spaceship, never been in outer space, and my tongue’s not overly long either.”

So there canada goose expedition us for sale go. Not a lizard, alien, or member of an alien lizard people. How boring.

If “Lizard People” sounds familiar, it’s probably via British author/conspiracy theorist/all-round cray cray dude David Icke, and a certain Vice documentary from a couple of years ago. Definitely recommended viewing if canada goose expedition us for sale have no plans for lunch, and you require a pretty kick-ass dinner conversation topic later on. Mostly regarding the world’s leaders planning to enslave the Earth for reptilian overlords.

It’s worth noting canada goose expedition us for sale took 20 whole days for Mr Key to answer the question. So that’s food for thought. You never know, he could be lying to us all.



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Meet the Designer: Ellie, Xavier & Me
When your cushions appear on Oprah’s list of Favourite Things, you’re definitely doing something right. Chances are, like Ms Winfrey, you’ve already seen and fallen in love with a Xavier&Me piece somewhere along the line; they’re a favourite among stylists and a regular in magazines and online publications. But despite her growing success, Ellie Bradley still manages to juggle raising her young son, Xavier, with designing every piece in the collection herself – a busy schedule she says she wouldn’t have any other way.

Tell us a little about your background – where did you grow up, what did you study, and what path led you to doing what you’re doing today?
I grew up in Sydney. I was always creative as a child and loved studying art at school. After I finished school I went onto study advertising, entering the industry at ground level and working my way up the ladder. I loved mixing business with creative thought, which is why I entered the field. I travelled quite a bit during my career which really broadened my horizons.

Living in London reignited my love of interiors and architecture and I decided to take some evening courses there. When I finally arrived back home after a year of travelling I fell back into advertising but my heart was still in interiors. Fast forward six years and I started my own business in designing homewares. It was a massive learning curve at the beginning, not knowing much about starting an online boutique or commerce, but one I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. The label has grown from strength to strength, expanding to now include rugs, artworks and porcelain tableware.

Your designs are fantastically accessible for a variety of tastes – do you design with a particular customer in mind?
Not really. I design what I like and what I’m inspired by at that time. It can be anything really, from my travels to textures, to colours. Currently I’m designing a new collection of cushions inspired by texture with a few new geometrics thrown in. I find if I like the design and want to have it in my own home, I’m usually on the right track. Saying that, some of my favourite designs don’t sell as well as the ones I think are a little out there. Honestly you can never tell.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

Where do you hope to see Xavier & Me in five years time?
Conquering the world!! I’d like to see Xavier&Me enter more international markets. I love Australia but we’re a small country comparatively, so I’ll be focusing on spreading my designs and colour choices to the rest of the world. But I am Australian and a lot of my doudoune canada goose ontario outlet store are made in Australia, so first and foremost, my main market is in Australia and Wallabuy will help me reach more Australian homes.

One of your design mantras is “neutrals be gone”, so you’re obviously a sucker for colour! What about blue and green, can they ever be seen without something in-between?

Of course they can! They’re two great colours to pair together. Blue and green work best together when they are similar shades, such as turquoise blue and an aqua green. Saying that, navy blue and lime green also work well together, so I say go for it.

My design motto is if you love it then go with it. If you don’t love it, it’s not going to work. You need to love the doudoune canada goose ontario outlet store going into your home, be it a doudoune canada goose ontario outlet store such as a rug or a cushion, a colour, or a texture. Images you see in magazines are for inspiration only. You need to make sure you can live in it as well, which is why I have never gone for an all white interior. I live with boys and it would only get very dirty!!

Your favourite suburb in Sydney and why?
Balmain. It’s where I live, work and play. It has loads of parks, Sydney Harbour on three sides and lots of great pubs. If we need to get into the city, I’m there in five minutes via car, but can also take the scenic route on the ferry.

Where was the last place you had an amazing meal?
Can’t remember as it’s been while!!

Three places you’d take a visitor?
1. A Sydney beach. Any, really, as I love the beach.

2. Museum of Contemporary Art as I love this building, especially since the new addition. They also have great exhibitions and afterwards you can have a bite to eat and drink while enjoying views from the restaurant.

3. Hunter Valley. A bit out of Sydney, I know, but it’s only 2.5 hours away and there is some great wine and vineyards to visit.

Thanks for the chat, Ellie!



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Carbon Offsets Daily
| Sourced From |

The simple economics of the carbon cap
The cap solution in a nutshell
Capping carbon pollution encourages the growth of renewable energy and energy-efficient industries. It brings customers to these businesses, which in turn will create good jobs and help revitalize American towns.

What is a carbon cap?

A Carbon Cap is a limit placed on carbon pollution. A national limit is set and carbon allowances (emission permits) are auctioned or allocated to companies. Companies that can reduce their emissions cheaply can make money by selling their extra allowances to others. This ensures overall emission reductions are achieved at low cost. And it gives everyone a profit motive to reduce pollution as much as possible. (Only large polluters are regulated under a Cap.)

New jobs americans can do tomorrow

Take the wind turbine. Its a machine. Americans are good at machines. A typical wind turbine has 8,000 parts and is made of 250 tons of steel. Somebodys got to make that steel, fabricate those parts, assemble those parts, deliver the assembled turbine to a wind farm, erect the turbine and manage the wind farm. Thats a lot of jobs right in the American workers sweet spot. And this is just one example. A Carbon Cap will create demand for energy efficient windows, LED lighting, ball bearings for turbines and thousands of other products. And by starting now, well make sure these canada goose new collection 2015 store are made here and exported all over the world. Instead of becoming more canada goose new collection 2015 store we have to import.

New jobs create more jobs

Imagine a place like Braddock, Pennsylvania with new investments to supply clean energy industries. Once workers start bringing home paychecks, they start buying again. Making wind turbines is hungry work. The diner and the grocery store get busy again. The diner and grocery hire more workers. Those workers need clothes and cars and computers. Suddenly a dying town is a thriving community again.

Expect the naysayers

A Carbon Cap is not popular with everybody. The usual suspects, like some in Big Oil, will drag out the same old tired scare tactics. But the status quo is not good enough. Not for the environment. Not for the economy. Not for the unemployed workers of Braddock. A Cap will spur new investment and can help revitalize towns like Braddock and others across America. To see a list of thousands of companies that would see new demand for their canada goose new collection 2015 store under a cap go to

Related posts:

A carbon cap will create more jobs

Companies Across U.S. Poised for Growth Under Cap on Carbon

Despite Wray wind turbine debacle, Ritter still touting carbon offsets

Carbon Trust launches website to calculate savings and benefits of wind turbines

Capping carbon pollution has multiple benefits

Tags: America carbon, carbon cap, Wind Turbines


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East Village
An urban village of condos, apartments and townhomes, with walkable streets, varied services, unique entertainment and proximity to nature, East Village will be home to 11,500 Calgarians seeking a lively and livable downtown community. On the site where the city was founded, the master planned, 49-acre East Villages is also where its future will unfold.

EV is a master planned urban village that’s inspired by some of the best city neighbourhoods in the world. At buildout, it’ll have the bustle and variety of a Soho, the rich character of Montréal’s Plateau neighbourhood, and the mix of iconic new architecture and historical buildings that give Vancouver’s Gastown its edge. All that, and East Village includes one of the most beautiful rivers ever to grace a cityscape – and parka store tag canada goose jackets 2015 can walk to work.

East Village is in the midst an exciting transformation. Since 2007, CMLC has committed more than


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Legislators Disappointed in Governor’s Trip to DC
The leaders of the Assembly and Senate have been public with their feelings about the Governor not bringing home the bacon from his most recent trip to the US Capitol and White House.

Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez said:

“While we are pleased the Governor is finally engaging decision-makers in Washington, we are disappointed that real canada goose trillium parka womens black down jackets is returning to California empty-handed. With California Republicans in control of six key Congressional committees and with the Administration’s strong links to President Bush and Vice President Cheney, we were hopeful the Governor would have been able to obtain more than yet another visit by an administration official.”

“Billions of dollars of federal cuts to California’s budget are looming, we’re owed millions in reimbursements from the Medicare fiasco, and the Governor is proposing a massive bond that relies real canada goose trillium parka womens black down jackets federal matching funds that are evaporating. It would have been nice to see some sign that California would be doing better than getting a 79 cents return real canada goose trillium parka womens black down jackets every dollar we send to Washington. The Governor has failed to deliver.”

Senate Pro Tem Don Perata’s also minced no words: “It’s disrespectful to the Governor of the largest state in the nation when allhe comes back with from Washington is a vague promise that the Homeland Security Secretary will tour the levees. The Governor’s bond proposal assumes a massive influx of federal funds, so the Bush Administration could at least have given some sign that that is even possible. The Governor can better serve California lining up Republican votes in the legislature for an infrastructure bond. Here he’ll get the opportunity to succeed.”