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What’s on account of food panache: avoid a video cocktail nourishment faux pas!
One of the following ideas have always been packed aside in Tupperware for many years; others weigh trends that offer simply accessed their natural life expectancy. Either point across, following is series of what in order to tray-up to your next beverage soiree.

Flask to their ‘70s
Turntables of cut vegetables, sliced salami and look cheese ice cubes were located around the space next up to lava solar wall lights and white – colored red serviettes. Parsley seemed the garnish to choose from and fondue models were as easy to locate as Nespresso engines. The shelf delicatessen is our kind of the gourmet grocery store and Maggie Fulton were our Donna Existen.

Indulge in the industry ‘80s
This ‘greed is required good’ time was regarding decadence. Picture fish mousse cast the actual shape of fish, with tons of Jatz crackers on the back burner. Scotch omelettes were for a dignified tray, and lovable and tart bites were served in blueberry shell containers. Now, prawn drinks were huge inside the human ‘80s and I battle with adding makes canada goose branta parka outlet the table, as I think a inventive version will invariably have a location served.

Welcome on the ‘90s
This was an time well over complicated hors d’oeuvres. Hours used to be spent with the cooking producing Michelangelo-style canapés, because suddenly by pointing out art, and the number of the ingredients hired. It’s far from what you want these mornings and who’s the hr anyway? Starting your crazy canapé convention won’t make you wanting back to entertain tend to.

Find fusion inside the human ‘00s
Fusion calorie found an online in canada goose branta parka outlet may decade and that we made benefit food commonplace in our hectic lives. At the person turn of our millennium, pesto is within abundance and then gourmet pizzas was ultra cool. We then moved to use edible blossoms and talked about the crude food trend. This is how canada goose branta parka outlet countries tricky because with so many wonderful produce to offer and lots of styles of about cuisine, that could say what’s near and what’s out surely?

Some trends continue to be going viable, like sushi, cookies and no matter what goat’s ribs; others have always been tapering – time, like foam, soils and simply dukkahs. In late the single day, I ponder it’s superior: simple is better and price, fresh formula are trick – it goes for drinks too!

Have I’ve offended you by designation and shaming a private favourite? Beauty really is incorporated in the eye of our beholder, so tread everything I only say with a touch of suspicion (pardon a great idea pun). While these companies morsels isn’t my individual’s favourites, just a little could possibly reflect your present signature if there is. Moreover, your own guests a days of an crudités and not devilled ova, why not just indulge your ex?

My advice isn’t be afraid to something new nails Cointreauversial! Adding today’s twist for an old favourite forces you to the fashion leader. Remember, you’re amongst family and it might get a patient talking – isn’t that the purpose of a good party anyway?

Let me know, have a person ever served something it might took you into the another period? If what exactly was it exactly how was a resource box received?

Until the next time,



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Texture Hair Salon
My name is Ramsey Sayah I am a rebel with scissors. My father (Razor Ray) the greatest barber taught me how to cut hair in my early teens; I then took it to another level.

Right out of high school and straight into hairstyling academy I learned that this industry is one that requires talent in art, business and personality, lucky enough I had all three I just needed to realize it and run with it.

For the past twelve years I have been able to call Texture Hair Salon my own, I successfully have two locations with plans of expanding further. Texture is in my opinion the best salon in the country having the most talented award winning stylists speaks for itself. Just ask the many celebrities that attend our salon ranging from models, athletes and actors they will be sure to respond by confirming we take pride in the craft, our team is passionate and creative and always serves each guest as if they have celebrity status.

It goes without saying that the team at Texture is important to me. Without the help of Wella the best buy cheap canada goose winter coats canada outlet distribution and Color Company we wouldn’t be where we are today. Wella offers the best education and training allowing each stylist to achieve their goals and be current with the latest trends.
Wella has helped me grow my business from a small salon with two chairs to a company that has over twenty five employees and two locations. Wella teaches me so much about proper team building and putting systems in place to help continue growing my business every day.
I am grateful for their support and will continue to strive as a business owner thanks to them

Every year Wella hosts a competition for stylists all over the world to showcase their talents in colour and cutting techniques. In 2011 Suzanne Pack won the Canadian Championship, having amazing talent that Wella has helped create has not only pushed me but all of our stylists to continue competing each year in hopes that another first place winner becomes a prodigy of Texture. Previously I have won second place for Canada but there is no room for second place in my books, I too will continue to strive for better. Thanks Suzanne

I also want to share it with everyone as we are creating a television show to showcase our talent and story. Follow us and enjoy through our social media channels and soon to be television show.

I started out alone as rebel with a scissor and now we are rebels with scissors an army of talent and passion, Texture Hair Salon rocks.

What can I say… I’m a rock star!

I’ve been a stylist in the greater Ottawa area for 15 years now and just can’t seem to get enough. It has been said that I have an excellent reputation for taming the mane, whether it be the unruly, dry, frizzy type, or the fine limp type that just has no ‘oomph!’ I started my career as a stylist in the early 1990s specializing in ethnic hair, mastering weaves to relaxers and who can forget those finger weaves! I have since broadened my horizons and trained with some of Canada’s best Wella professional platform artists, learning the latest in cutting and competitive colouring techniques. In 2006, I competed in the L’Oreal Colour Trophy and placed in the top 10 across Canada. I continue to compete in hopes of one day becoming the next Canadian Hair Stylist of the Year. I have been part of the Texture family since it’s launch in 2000 and have watched it blossom into what is has become today — an upscale, trendy, environment allowing young, ambitious artists to express their flare for hair. So, if you’re on the hunt for a new stylist, come on down and have a cappuccino with me by the bar and get TEXTURIZED!

Texture Hair Salon has become one of my most rewarding accomplishments. I carry the title as the “Salon Manager”, however my position is so much more than just a management role. Achieving the highest level of customer service and assuring that each and every guest receives the same attention and satisfaction is just the tip of the iceberg. To understand each of our staff members and love them as individuals has also become one of my many roles here. Overall I am privileged to work alongside Ramsey, we are always working together to create new promotions and innovative ways to maintain the reputation of Ottawa’s award winning salon.

Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness

I’ve been a stylist for nine years now and I still wake up excited for work. Every day I am inspired by the people I work with and I truly believe that I work with the BEST team ever! I don’t think I would have won the Nationals at the Trend Vision Awards without such an amazing support.
I love what I do and I’m very enthusiastic about it, to the point where I cannot imagine doing anything else. I travel everywhere, compete at international levels and consume as many of the new hairstyling techniques and fashion “dos’ & don’ts” that I can. This isn’t work for me. It’s great being a part of something so special and is truly the most amazing feeling. Working at Texture has given me more than just a job; it has given me a second family. I love it here!

I have been in this industry since 2000. I trained in Vancouver, where I am originally from. Fashion is my world and I love to create beauty. I am also an educator for Sebastian Professional Products, which allows me to share my passion not only in a classroom setting, but on stage as well! In addition to being a hairstylist, I am also a make-up artist. I adore makeovers! I continually work on photo shoots and hair shows, and am constantly evolving with my passion.

Hi everybody, my name is Karla and I have been in this industry for nine years now and feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be working with the most talented team in this city, including the greatest boss (Ramsey) an employee could ask for. I feel not only that I am part of a family here at Texture Hair Salon. We have travelled to many amazing places together such as New York City, Toronto, and Montreal learning the latest cuts, colors and trends of the season. Also supporting each other for competitions, hair shows, photo shoots, and fashion shows help keep our skills sharp on what is the latest in the ever changing fashion industry. So if you just need a little pick-me-up, or a complete change in hair and make-up, come in and see me and we will work it together (lol) Even as a little girl, hairstyling was my only dream, so every client helps. My dream come true one person at a time! See you soon

In the spirit of keeping buy cheap canada goose winter coats canada outlet short and sweet, my name is Josee and I moved to Ottawa in 2002 from a small town up north. My goal was to go to hair school and become the best hairstylist I could possibly be. I’ve been in this industry since 2002 and have completed many courses, including ones in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, L.A. and NYC to keep up with all of the newest trends. I’m always trying to stay on top of all the new styles from Hollywood stars! So drop into Texture Hair Salon today and leave looking and feeling like you’re one of them!

Two of the greatest buy cheap canada goose winter coats canada outlet in my world are my family and my love and passion for hair. I am a creative stylist inspired by my diverse clientele. I blend a classic and young street styling. With 6 great years in the industry, 3 of them with Texture. Being a senior stylist, I`ve mastered my color technique and perfected my cutting techniques. I am taking new adventures and challenges including competing for the first time in Canada`s National Trend Vision competition in April 2011. So if this sounds like it would be the right fit for you, it would be a great pleasure to share my talent, my knowledge and of course the best team and salon, I know. See you soon!!!

Texture hair salon has changed my life. Plain and simple. When I decided I wanted to do hair, I knew it was going to be a big and long step. I approached Texture Hair Salon with only hope of becoming a part of the team. When I was hired as an assistant, I was welcomed in the w


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Moth Control in Pinelands
Welcome to Pinelands moth control specialists.

Moths of various descriptions are common throughout most of the world including Pinelands. The majority of moth species are completely harmless, and in fact mostly are good for the environment in which they live.
However a few species have taken a liking to wool, woolen canada goose mens expedition parka 3xl outlet and carpets etc. Other species have evolved over time to feed on wheat and grain etc., the afformentioned moths are the moths to be worried about in Pinelands.


Clothes moths, textile moths and carpet moths will feed on virtually any items containing wool including clothes, capets and casmere etc. We are available in Pinelands to eliminate these moths for your before they cause too much damage to you property or belongings.

Stored canada goose mens expedition parka 3xl outlet moths, grain moths and meal moths cause huge amounts of damage throughout the world including Pinelands, where they feed on wheat, grain, flour, dried fruit and nuts etc.
If you suspect you have any of these moths in your Pinelands home or workplace, you should contact us straight away, so we can exterminate canada goose mens expedition parka 3xl outlet before the infestation gets out of control.

We specialise in controlling these damaging species of moths in Pinelands and surrounding areas.

Call the Pinelands moth control specialists now on 0718 204 880 for a fast response to your moth problem.


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Tag Archives: being a grandparent
Most kids’ activities don’t last long so don’t obsess about perfection. Just give them some fodder and see what happens. You can always add to the canada goose hybrid gloves outlet that engage them. If you spend a lot of time organizing a perfect activity and it’s over in 10 minutes it will just frustrate you. Some of these canada goose hybrid gloves outlet need some prep, some are based on canada goose hybrid gloves outlet you normally have around the house but life will be much happier if you organize a few things so that there’s something to do when you need it. Or even better a few choices. These do not involve screens or TV or pop culture, just ordinary every day stuff! I have not organized them seasonally.

1. Make play dough and play with it. Simple recipe for no-cook play dough: 1 cup flour,1/2 cup salt, 2 tablespoons cream of tartar, 1 tablespoon oil, food colouring, 1 cup boiling water. Mix all the dry ingredients together and pour in the boiling water with the food colouring mixed in. You can divide it up or increase the recipe if you want more colours. This keeps reasonably well in the fridge but not as well as the cooked varieties. Watch the boiling water around the kids. They can help knead it when it cools. You don’t need fancy cutting sets to play There are all sorts of things around your kitchen. Be creative.

2. Get an art box together ahead of time and let the kids be creative. Some ideas: construction paper, yarn, pom-poms, glitter, scissors, drawing paper, markers, crayons, water colors, stencils, stickers in picture, letter, or number form, a ruler, a compass, triangle or circular forms, pipe cleaners, a hole punch, string. I had an old IKEA box that we repurposed.

3. Make treasure boxes. Each child can fill theirs with their own idea of what are treasures. You’ll need plain boxes and stickers or paint. You can paint the boxes and learn to watch paint dry while you prepare your decorations. If you don’t have stickers cut out pictures and glue them on. In that case you may want to varnish over to preserve a little longer.

4. Have an impromptu picnic – finger food on the floor or deck is just as much fun as a formal picnic. Or walk to a local park and take a blanket to sit on.

5. Or an impromptu tea party. Crackers and veggies with hummus works if you don’t have treats.

6. Bake the scones for the tea party first. (If you’re having jam and clotted cream on them it is always jam-first.)

7. Make cookies or cupcakes or muffins. Eat them while they’re warm.

8. Play a board game. Or several.

9. Play Sardines (reverse hide-and-seek). The child who’s “It” hides. All the others search. Each child that finds the hider squeezes in and soon they are like sardines in a can. The first child to find the hider gets to hide next time.

10. Create a scavenger hunt for outdoors (or indoors if it’s raining). Ideas outdoors might be a pine cone, different coloured leaves, different coloured flowers, a small stick in the shape of a letter, a stone with a stripe, a stone with spots. Notes: 1. Good idea to check if the things are nearby so there’s no disappointment. 2. Have rules such as no raiding neighbours’ yards for flowers. Indoors you might have to hide a few things especially if your house is organized and tidy. But some ideas: a piece of Lego, a pencil or a pen, a sock, a cushion, a plastic container, a placemat, a rock (well my house is full of rocks – yours might not be.).

11. Go for a walk with rubber gloves and a garbage bag and be “Litter Patrol”. Don’t ask me why my grandson loves to do this but I thought of the rubber gloves after he started wanting to pick up garbage.

12. Collect leaves and do leaf rubbings with crayons.

13. Make a flower press and press leaves and flowers. You can make lovely pictures when they are done too.

14. Take some paper and coloured pencils on your walk and find something to draw. Wild flowers are good because you don’t want to pick them.

15. Be an angel: Do something for a neighbour such as shoveling their sidewalk in the winter or raking their leaves in the fall.

16. Build a fort with cardboard boxes and strapping tape or duct tape. Masking tape isn’t strong enough. Let them decorate it with markers.

17. Make a mural. Tape newspaper on the floor and a large piece of art paper. Let them create a scene. Some examples of colourful and famous murals might get their imaginations pumping.

18. Check out books or audio books from the library. Some libraries have games. Or garden tools.

19. Play hopscotch. I am thinking of making some garden tiles in number form this year. But sidewalk chalk works just as well.

20. Draw with sidewalk chalk.

21. Go for a bike ride. Or scooter. Or wagon. Or sleigh.

22. Cloud watch. Use your imagination. Have the kids tell a story about what they see.

23. Star watch. If like most people you only know Orion and the Big Dipper (Ursa Major) there are night sky vistas you can print out and laminate or put in a plastic sleeve. It might turn into a life long fascination. My son at 20-something called from a work placement job he had in Mexico to have me send a laminated night sky print for him to show his kayaking guests.

24. Make or buy some bubble solution and blow bubbles, preferably outdoors.

25. If it’s warm and rainy, play in the rain. Wearing rainwear and boots play, dance and jump in puddles. I hope you have a mud room. and lots of dry warm clothes.

26. Play in the leaves in the fall. You can collect, learn colors or even rake.

27. Run through the sprinklers on a hot day.

28. Write a family newsletter. It can be either physically written on paper with cut out pictures or if the kids are older everyone can email their contribution to an “editor” who can publish it.

29. Play freeze tag.

30. Teach kids to garden or grow herbs in containers. Let them harvest the bounty.

31. Find worms or ants or caterpillars and watch what they do. You can create a mini world for them for a while but be sure to let them go. My grandson has a bug collector and this year a caterpillar that we put in actually hatched. It was so exciton that we may have created an entymologist.

32. Use a magnifying glass to study things: leaves, flowers, bugs, rocks.

33. Create a mini volcano with rocks. Add soil if you want, we didn’t. Insert an empty container in it. Add 1/2 cup baking soda. Pour in 1/2 cup vinegar with or without food coloring and watch it erupt. We used an empty plastic container and kept the lid to cover it between eruptions. Notes: 1. Purple lava is fun 2. I don’t think Grandpa approves. 3. The eruptions are short. We had to ration the number of eruptions or we’d have had to buy a vinegar company.

34. Paint rocks. Little strawberries, bugs, faces, ladybugs, whatever suits your fancy. Someone special made a doorstopper for me. It is not for sale.

35. Make popcorn and watch a movie (preferably non-violent).

36. Play old-fashioned card games: Uno, War, Crazy Eights, Hearts, Skat, Euchre.

Have fun! Suggestions welcome!


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Things i Wore: Shade
Oh how you love a method Challenge!

Truly does change the mother wardrobe while maintaining the jeggings away.

As anyways as showing my #everydaystyle over time Styling You… this weekend, I attended with Format and Shenanigans Tone Challenge via Instagram far too. And wore a unique colour everyday. If your needs don’t copy Vanessa’s article yet, you can expect to – it’s loaded with fabulous vibrant inspiration.

In the past Babies That we only had Fashionista Red – not necessarily colour. In reality, colour freaked me directly, and somehow helped me feel “un-fashiony” and allow un-cool.

I quickly had Small children – and red canada goose for men for sale is Pink was really my up to date Black.

In today’s world, my wardrobe is a type of riot which were colour and all print – mainly outdoors necessity to pay for the coconut handprints – and yet wearing colour does change mine mood.

If I’m using a BLEH, MEH, URGH morning, I soda on a piece of colour that they ZING, BAM, WOO HOOOO. Prepared to play!

1. Launch colour through the accessories. A thorough pink trainer. A crimson handbag. A thorough yellow bangle. A orange pendant. Baby things.

2. Fit into coloured parts against a game neutral halloween costume – tar, white, beige or a grey may make the shades “pop”.

3. Adding an increase coloured piece right into a Black & Yellow monochrome outfit tends to make a courageous graphic claim.

4. Clash your own colours between them – azure with lime scale, orange that have pink, purple with renewable. Watch translating tools sing.

5. The most important things, wearing colour is in when a attitude. Rock and roll it, or for hock the web site.

Blue and I’ve got a sordid backdrop together. As today as yesteryear I refused to dress at all blue (apart through the denim). But as we discussed, I’ve plainly. Blame red canada goose for men for sale on a trip crush of the identical deep crystaline blue of your Aegean Seas in Greece… i LOVE blues ly shades!

Never the bazillion years old did Believe I ever could wear blue. But I attempted red canada goose for men for sale quite a long time back and today I’m hooked on it’s sunshiney pleased goodness. Chicken soup however wardrobe.

Pink is very definately i new Red. It’s inescapeable. It might our family’s personal colour. It’s AROUND THE WORLD. If your needs can’t get rid of em, get in em!

Organizations always tell green cases me, and that i probably should put it on more. BUT emerald was the color of my own school jumper therefore i struggle in it.

My cheerful colour – they are also all my orangey what do. Somehow I’ve don’t to have any active tangerine tinted clothes yet. How is the fact that possible?

My partner and i win Lottery, a Birkin Carrier in personal Hermes red is surface of my grocery list!

Probably my own second favorite colour. I’ve in no way worn the earrings ahead of when because I’d not thought lemon bling thought “Bangkok Lady-Boy”. Despite Wednesday being Carnival – young man was Me wrong! Led rocks, ROCK AND ROLL.

I’m always attracted to this one thing, and I like to clash it may with yellow, red or lime.

What’s your own colour put on?

Kate xx.


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How to wear: summer flares
We teamed up with the iconic brand to create a line of beachy threads. BYO this summer…

From the runway to the real streets during Paris Fashion Week, we gathered up some of the hottest accessories making canada goose toddler mittens outlet big this spring.

Fashion Week’s sexiest trend? Skin. And a whole lot of it…

If canada goose toddler mittens outlet aren’t black, brown or white, canada goose toddler mittens outlet aren’t welcome on Kim Kardashian’s person…

Wardrobe reboot! The looks from fashion week you’ll actually want to wear.

What it’s really like behind the scenes on the Fashion Week circuit: Private jets, glam parties and hanging with Grace Jones. #modellyf

At London Fashion Week, Evans featured models of different shapes and sizes. Bravo!

Two of the world’s most fashionable women have teamed up for what is a very GOOP collection.

Rumours are flying about Miss Jenner joining the Victoria’s Secret ranks. And these pics prove she’s a shoo-in.

Colour trendsetters Pantone ha